Everything East

On these pages we hope we can persuade you to give EVERYTHING EAST a chance, particularly if in the past you’ve preferred the WONDEROUS WEST. The Far East and Middle East offers some of the most unbelievable history and traditions plus some of the most breathtaking countries and scenery you could only ever imagine. With exciting cities, mountains, rainforest, beaches and historical landmarks you are guaranteed that the East can provide you with everything the world has to offer. 
So if you don’t know much about FAR EAST there are many amazing countries for you to visit including Borneo, Burma, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam and more!!  We will help you decide which country to choose and what makes up the perfect holiday for you.
In case your wish to go EAST extends only as far as the more popular parts of the MIDDLE EAST - Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Dubai, Israel, Jordan, Oman & Qatar we can of course take you there and ensure your holiday is everything you ever dreamed of. 
We’ll find you the best of fares on flights, offer our advice and book you the perfect hotel and even book you a twin centre or organised tour for your Eastern trip. 
In the meantime – if you want more information about where to go to in the East then please contact us via the start planning your trip link below or speak to us personally by ringing 01422 847 847.

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is the second most popular (only to Dubai) of the United Arab Emirates and the country provides you with a vast range of things to see and do ..... from stunning golf course, luxury hotels, turquoise seas and workd class beaches and sand dunes! Abu Dhabi offers you luxury along with a deep rooted historic past. 

You can visit iconic lanmarks, historic sites and luxury hotels and shopping malls. Also with its vast culunary options from all around the world you can be sure to find everything you need in Abu Dhabi. 

Sri Lanka

A luxury holiday in Sri Lanka is an exotic paradise packed with lots of things to see and do, you’ll find amazing sandy beaches, green mountains, beautiful wildlife and eight World Heritage sites. 

Sri Lanka gives you an abundance of first-class hotel resorts so you can be guaranteed a luxurious stay.

Some of the magical sights Sri Lanka has to offer is its amazing wildlife, sacred temples and stunning coral reefs.

This island is full of places for the most unbelievable memories and its a place you will never forget. 


Malaysia is a bustling place with a vast mixture of races and religions and with its multiculturism its a gastronomical paradise and home to hundreds of colourful festivals. The Malaysian's are lovely welcoming people who will make your trip unforgettable. 

Malaysia is a place of extreme contrasts where the sky scrapers of Kuala Lumpur looking down on wooden houses on stilts and 5* hotels are only metres from ancient reefs. 

Malaysia boasts some amazingly scenic mountains with My Kinabalu being one of the most famous and also rainforests full of wildlife.


Singapore can be visited as a city break, although most visitors use it as a stopover for a longer holiday to the Far East. Singapore combines well with most parts of Malaysia, plus Thailand, Bali, Vietnam, Cambodia and Hong Kong. Start your Singapore holiday with a visit to the Colonial area around the Singapore River. Take in Orchard Road for some serious shopping, or head in to the Arab Street or Chinatown areas for bargain-hunting.

The Philippines

The Philippines is a country much less on the tourist map compared with its popular neighbours of Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. The infrastructure is not as developed and therefore island-hopping is a bit more of a challenge but that is part of the appeal of this picture-perfect destination. This country is untouched with breath-taking scenery and immaculate beaches. 


Located in the south-west coast of India Goa offers a truly multicultural experience.

Goa is a wonderful choice for a winter break in the sun with warm all year round temperature. 


Japan is one the great ancient cultures of the East, it is a fantastic country to visit with its modern cities, high-speed rail, pristine villages and beautiful mountains and spectacular historical. For those who love culture and beautiful landscapes then Japan will mesmerise you.

We can tailormake your perfect holiday to Japan just call us on 01422 847847 to discuss your requirements.


Dubai is the most well-known city of the seven emirates known for its fully loaded adventures. Dubai sets itself apart from the rest of the world in terms of luxury and everything is bigger and better including its tourist attractions, landmarks, shopping centres, parks, nightlife and hotels. Although it strictly safeguards its traditional practices, it allows space for other religions to breathe, a rare quality amongst the conservative Arab world.

Hong Kong

Build a modern city on an ancient civilisation, put it at an intersection of cultures, and you get a place that is truly worth exploring. Dive into a festival, hike a mountain trail, catch a show, visit a temple, explore a walled village… there is so much to see and do in Hong Kong.